The Selfie Project

The Enchanted Self presents 'The Selfie Project' in a variety of forms. As a psychologist/author/filmmaker, my mission is to help people take hold of their strengths, talents and potential. Often that means recognizing parts of ourselves that we or someone else in our lives made fun of, disregarded or diminished. We are all at times vulnerable and give up on dreams, hopes, ideas and talents. That's where various aspects of my work come into play. One aspect of my work as a positive psychologist and author are the books I have written. The Truth, Diary of a Gutsy Tween and Secrets, Diary of a Gutsy Teen, are specifically designed as diaries that as one reads the pages, written by a young 'girl', one is encouraged in all positive aspects of her own life.

Now we come to a fascinating story around The Truth. This book was translated and published in Vietnamese, in Vietnam. One day, about 7 years ago, a woman bought it for her daughter. Her daughter, Linh Dang had the courage to write me a letter after seven years now we have been penpals. What follows are 3 selfies that Linh prepared for me in answer to some of my questions. I know you will enjoy all three. One is about what she like most in The Truth. One is about relationships, stimulated by our long distance friendship, and one is about issues around friend drama that kids in her high school in Vietnam face.

We all need mentors, and supporters of our true and finest selves. I know that Linh has made my work and life richer by her responses to my letters over the years and the joy I have had seeing her succeed in school, now being an English scholar and off to college. I hope she feels likewise about knowing me. She honors me by calling me 'Grandma' (I understand a warm term for wise, older women) and I truly see her as a special young person in my life.

'The Selfie Project' is based on two principles:

1. Selfies, the result of birth of the Smart Phone can lead to legitimate filmmaking resulting in drama that ranges from comic to tragic;

2. Selfies are a great tool for expressing out thoughts, feelings, ideas, reactions, etc. to all that we experience in life. Particularly for kids, tweens, teens and young adults, Selfies are a great new tool for them to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas about every aspect of being alive and provide a public form of therapeutic release.

Now let's look at what Rachel Gesner has created. She has made a film clip in which she plays a character from my latest two short films: 'Conflict' and 'The Medium, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film'. In this film clip she tells the character she plays (the mean girl) back story. Here is drama in the making. Now let's look at the four short clips in which she talks personally, as herself, about many of the issues that kids face in today's society, including negative effects of social media and feeling extremely pressured to strive for perfection.

Hope you enjoy seeing #Selfiesasdrama and #Selfiesastherapy.